Supporting local chaplains and breakfast clubs to give breakfast to school students that would otherwise miss out.

We are fully funded by donations and volunteer effort.



“Hungry children have difficulty all day with all activities - learning, social interactions and physical demands. It’s a wasted day every time and another burden on a child already struggling.”

3 students arrive hungry in every class

Students that are hungry are: More likely to find it difficult to concentrate (73%) Can be lethargic (66%) Have learning difficulties (54%) Exhibit behavioural problems (52%)

The average student loses more than 2 hours per day of learning time when they arrive at school hungry. If they attend school hungry once a week, this equates to a loss of a whole term (14 weeks) over the course of a school year. That’s a quarter of the school year!

Our Difference

We help to provide the resources needed, directly to the local schools and breakfast clubs so they can ensure that the children in their programs get to class with a nutritious breakfast.

Using money as a proxy to represent the value of the short and long term benefits flowing from children receiving food via school breakfast programs, the forecasted social return created for every kilogram of food is $110.

Applied to a Cereal for Coffee event - a $4 coffee exchanged for a 1kg box of cereal equates to a social return on investment of $110.

Cereal for Coffee has been a great initiative that is well utilised in our school. We run a breakfast program for students when it is needed. If it comes to a teacher's attention that a student hasn't eaten, they are able to send them to our Safe Place for a healthy breakfast before starting school work. This is accessible 5 days a week for our school. This is really such an easy program to be part of. I literally just needed to let them know what our school needed and it was delivered shortly after. They even included some long life milk which is amazing.Thank you Cereal for Coffee.

Tanya - Chaplain at Cleveland State School.

Our People

Philip Sargeson (Founder)

Philip is the founder of Cereal for Coffee, father of one and husband of Samara. Philip previously worked in sales in the education sector and has a vast experience in the Apple reseller channel both in Australia and New Zealand. Philip is an avid coffee drinker, border line snob, with a deep passion for a good latte. He is passionate about eradicating the current statistic of 1 in every 5 students arrive to school hungry or having not had breakfast.

Samara Sargeson (Co-Founder)

Samara is the co-founder of Cereal for Coffee, mother of one, and wife of Phil. The idea for Cereal for Coffee came through her first teaching job in a state school in the Redlands and she currently teaches music at a Special School in Thornlands. She is passionate about seeing children and families receive knowledge about the importance of breakfast and its impact on their learning.

Steve Brown (Board Member)

Steve is married to Jenny and has 2 adult children . Steve's career has included senior management roles in logistics and supply chain with blue chip companies such as BP, Toll and Rio Tinto, his most recent role as CEO of IPS Logistics. Steve completed a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management at Swinburne University and has well developed commercial, strategic operational, business development and project management skills. Steve has previously been on the board of the Northern Territory Minerals Council and IPS Logistics Group. Outside work Steve plays basketball, enjoys four wheel driving, AFL, wakeboarding and co leads a Men's ministry at Eastside Community church. After exploring the mission and purpose of Cereal for Coffee Steve believed he could assist Cereal for Coffee to further impact the lives of hungry kids in the community and accepted an invitation to join the board with the intent of providing general business and logistics expertise.

Glenda Fitz-Payne (Board Member)

Glenda has been working in the Independent school sector for the past 20 years, commencing her career in a small regional school COCT, Somerville House Foundation and now one of the largest Independent Christian schools in Queensland, Citipointe Christian College. Working with a small team her role is varied and diverse – embracing all aspects of Development in the areas of fundraising, alumni, volunteers, marketing, media, publications, and events. Glenda has been a member of Educate Plus since 1998, becoming a Fellow in 2012. She is currently President of the Qld Chapter and is a Board Director of Educate Plus. I love to see grassroots organisations grow and develop best practise within their operations. Cereal for Coffee is in its infancy, in the short time they have been operating there has been tremendous growth, and with growth comes challenges. To volunteer on the board of Cereal for Coffee and use my talents is a great privilege and I hope to contribute in some small toward their success.

Angie Creed (Board Member)

I am a passionate advocate for social justice and have always worked in fields that support those principles. Having spent a number of years in social services at including drug and alcohol services, housing and homeless services, or children and parenting early intervention services in state and Commonwealth Government agencies and Non-Government organisations. I am currently working in the Department of Social Services where I support Commonwealth funded NGOs to deliver programs and services that encourage inclusion and participation. I am currently working towards a Degree in Community Development. I’m a parent of two school age children, and I know the importance of adequate nutrition to support a day’s learning and a child’s overall wellbeing. While my children are sent off to school after a healthy breakfast each day, I understand the financial and logistical challenges of meeting that need as a busy working single parent. Additionally as a Bayside local, I enjoy the local café culture and I am happy to disclose I am bona fide ‘coffee snob’. For these reasons and more I’m delighted to be able to join the Board of Management for Cereal for Coffee and lend my expertise to this worthy cause.

Mark Patch (Board Member)

Mark is a professional consultant with over 25 years of experience in strategic management and leadership. In 2006 Mark retired from the Australian Defence Force after a 31 year career to lead his own Brisbane-based project management consultancy which specialises in the areas of governance, procurement, project management and contract management with particular emphasis on the establishment, development, maturing and continuous improvement of project management frameworks within public and private organisations of all sizes. Mark is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a Certified Practising Project Director and Certified Assessor with the Australian Institute of Project Management.

The Impact

The September 2016 event involved 46 cafes and resulted in 1000 boxes of cereal and 300 cartons of long-life milk which equated to 10,000 individual breakfasts.

That's a lot of kids getting a nutritious breakfast before they start their school day.

I have been engaged with this initiative for a couple of years now and the benefits have been substantial. Due to having to purchase the cereal in the past, having the cereal contributed instead has ensured that there has been an increase in our resources and therefore feed more students. On average we feed approximately 100 or more students each Monday and generally use about 3 boxes of cereal. This complements the other foods we are able to provide and has been of huge benefit. Thank you for your amazing effort each year and for the support you have given ours and dozens of other school communities.

-Chappy Lou

Support our local chaplains and breakfast clubs through your love of coffee.

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Cereal for Coffee is a Charity that supports local chaplains and breakfast clubs to give breakfast to school students who would otherwise miss out.

We are fully funded by donations and volunteer effort.


In 2016, 10,000 individual breakfasts have been donated