We support local chaplains and breakfast clubs to give breakfast to school students who'd otherwise miss out.

We are fully funded by donations and volunteer effort.


1 in 5 Australian kids go to school hungry

Hungry children have difficulty all day with learning, social interactions and physical demands. It’s another burden on a child already struggling.

3 students arrive hungry in every class

Students that are hungry are:

  • more likely to find it difficult to concentrate (73%)
  • can be lethargic (66%)
  • have learning difficulties (54%)
  • exhibit behavioural problems (52%)

The average student loses more than two hours per day of learning time when they arrive at school hungry. If they attend school hungry once a week, this equates to a loss of a whole term (14 weeks) over the course of a school year. That’s a quarter of the school year.

Our difference

We provide the resources needed, directly to the local schools and breakfast clubs, so they can ensure the children in their programs get to class with a nutritious breakfast.

To put a dollar value on the benefits of children receiving food via school breakfast programs, the forecasted social return created for every kilogram of food is $110.

That means every $4 coffee exchanged for a 1kg box of cereal has a social return of $110.

“If it comes to a teacher's attention that a student hasn't eaten, they are able to send them to our Safe Place for a healthy breakfast before starting school work. This is accessible 5 days a week for our school. This is really such an easy program to be part of. I literally just needed to let them know what our school needed and it was delivered shortly after. They even included some long-life milk which is amazing. Thank you Cereal for Coffee.”

Tanya - Chaplain at Cleveland State School.

Our people

We have a tight group of motivated people who are concerned about the wellbeing of Australia’s kids.

The impact

Cereal for Coffee began in September 2015 and has conducted four campaigns across south-east Queensland. More than 3550 boxes of cereal and 400 litres of UHT milk has been donated to 40 local state schools and community support groups.

That's a lot of kids getting a nutritious breakfast before they start their school day.

Support our local chaplains and breakfast clubs through your love of coffee.

“I have been engaged with this initiative for a couple of years now and the benefits have been substantial. Having the cereal contributed has ensured that there has been an increase in our resources and therefore we can feed more students. On average, we feed approximately 100 or more students each Monday and generally use about 3 boxes of cereal. This complements the other foods we are able to provide and has been of huge benefit. Thank you for your amazing effort each year and for the support you have given ours and dozens of other school communities”.

Chappy Lou - Redland Bay State School

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Cereal for Coffee is a Charity that supports local chaplains and breakfast clubs to give breakfast to school students who would otherwise miss out.

We are fully funded by donations and volunteer effort.


In 2016, 10,000 individual breakfasts have been donated