MGESS Top Up Club

MGESS Sponsors.jpg

Cereal for Coffee is proud to support the new Top Up Station, running at Mt Gravatt East State School – ensuring the kids have a full belly for learning. This program is running five days a week, thanks to the following sponsors:

Bread sponsored by Homestyle Bakeries 
Stellario Realty 
Mt Gravatt Men’s Shed
BOQ Mt Gravatt 
Pet City Mt Gravatt 
Ark Financial Planning
Storage King Mt Gravatt
Grove Juice
Epic Assist Upper Mt Gravatt 

With parents facing longer work hours, some families do not have the time for breakfast, while older students develop an apathetic attitude towards breakfast. Students who skip breakfast or have unsuitable breakfasts are found to suffer lack of concentration for up to the first two hours of the school day.

Skipping meals can also lead to mental and physiological issues, such as anxiety, short-temperedness and weight gain (by starving muscles, causing the brain to crave high-energy foods). Cereal for Coffee works with local businesses that donate cereal and milk to help students to have a healthy breakfast, and offer them the best opportunity to learn.