Hi. We’re a creative agency. What do we do?

Hi. We’re a creative agency. What do we do?

We feed young people breakfast.

Our ultimate passion is people. And making a difference in their lives.

Some of the work we do makes an immediate, tangible difference in people’s lives.

And occasionally those stories end up coming back to us.

And whenever that happens, we share them with the team and with our partners.

But, we realised a while ago how important it is for us to have some intentional places that we give to.

One of those initiatives that we’re proud to support is Cereal for Coffee.

One in five Australian kids go to school hungry.


You read that correctly.

One. In. Five.

Cereal for Coffee gives breakfast to school students who’d otherwise miss out.

So, although we may spend our days creating marketing strategies, building websites and developing brands …

As far as we’re concerned—by supporting Cereal for Coffee—we’re joining them on the front line.

So, yes, we’re a creative agency.

And we feed young people breakfast.

You can too!

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This article has been published with permission from Scott @ New Word Order. Originally published here.