Jeanmar Pty Ltd


It is rare that a small business is given the opportunity to support a cause that has the potential to have great impact at a national level whilst caring for those in our local community who are in real need. Cereal for Coffee is one such opportunity. At Jeanmar Pty Limited we assist our clients to continuously improve the way in which they deliver projects within their organisations. In so doing we align ourselves with clients who are committed and passionate about making a difference and acting locally to create strategic change. Cereal for Coffee provides us with a unique opportunity to do the same for our local community and  aligns strongly with our company values of:
  • All company dealings (inside and outside the company) are done with honesty and integrity.
  • Clients, strategic partners and team members are treated with openness and fairness in all matters.
  • We believe in hard effective work and suitable rewards for that commitment.
  • We are all members of the same global team. We support each other, regardless of which small team we belong to.
  • We will endeavour to always promote from within.
  • Excessive bureaucracy and ‘sacred cows’ are avoided in all areas at all times.
  • We believe in our business processes and always follow them.
  • Individual personalities make this company work. We are individual people – with different backgrounds, experiences and personalities – the sum of which creates our dynamic organisation.
– Mark Patch, Director  

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Cereal for Coffee is a Charity that supports local chaplains and breakfast clubs to give breakfast to school students who would otherwise miss out.

We are fully funded by donations and volunteer effort.


In 2016, 10,000 individual breakfasts have been donated